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The Benbecula low cost airlines guide
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to and from the Scottish island of Benbecula...

Last Update: October 15th, 2005

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Which airlines have
cheap flights to Benbecula?

The following airlines provide low fare flights to and from Benbecula. Click on the name of each airline for full details on where that carrier flies.

Flights to Scottish Islands:
Airports in Benbecula

British Airways

UK Airline - Low Cost Web Fare

[ Route Map ]

Cheap flights to and from Benbecula on BA

BA's cheapest one-way and return fares including taxes
Glasgow > Benbecula > Glasgow£--
Benbecula > Barra > Benbecula£--
Glasgow <> Benbecula£--
Benbecula <> Barra£--

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  • Map showing BA routes from Benbecula
  • More information about BA
  • Compare BA's fares with other airlines' fares

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