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Last Update: April 19th, 2006

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The Travellers' Cafe is the central meeting place for all first-time and regular readers of the attitude Travel website. It's an online hang-out where you can meet new people who are keen on independent travel.

In the cafe you'll find three interactive areas:

  1. Q & A discussion forums for budget-minded independent travellers
  2. a thriving, intelligent live chat forum for the backpacker online community
  3. a friend-finder for backpackers, adventurers and language students

Travellers' Cafe Discussion Forums

The attitude Travel discussion forums are where you can introduce yourself, talk about travel-related issues and ask travel questions.

Our community can help you with questions and answers on independent budget travel in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

We also have news and information and discussion on the latest developments in the European and worldwide low cost travel industry, commentary on the ongoing development of attitude Travel itself and there is a place for you to instantly publish your own travelogues, short articles and thoughts penned on the road.

Why not drop in now and ask a travel question? You don't need to become a member - you can post and ask questions anonymously. Independent travel related questions are usually answered by the discussion forum community very quickly - sometimes in just a few minutes! [ Enter Cafe... ]

Travel Tips Chat chatroom

The Travel Tips Chat chatroom on AIM is an independent study space staffed by our sister organisation,

Airhitch® is a self-help community consisting of air travellers who are interested in hitchhiking across oceans.

The room is a live forum for Airhitchers and other budget travellers who want to find creative ways of covering distance at minimum cost but with maximal freedom.

attitude Travel is frequently present in Travel Tips Chat and independent budget travellers are invited to the room to discuss questions related to unstructured, exploratory travel around Europe and elsewhere. [ Go to Chat Room... ]

Why isn't anything happening when I click the link?
Follow these instructions: How to access the AIM network.

Backpackers Network

The Backpackers Network at attitude Travel enables you to reach across borders to find new travel companions, language exchange partners or even potential soulmates.

The network is a free service and includes tools to create your own personal photo profile and a personal recommendation email.

With access to a huge community of worldwide members and an original two-way profile matching system to help you find people you'd like to meet, this is an excellent way to make new international friends. [ Check out the Backpackers Network... ]

How is the Backpackers Network unique?

If you live abroad, love travelling to places around the world and you enjoy spending time with international friends, that sets you apart from all those people who stay at home and just go on holiday once in a while.

The Backpackers Network stands out from other web-based friend-finders because we focus on building a community of independent travellers, backpackers and language students throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America and the rest of the world.

So it's easier for you to find even more like-minded young people with an international outlook, who enjoy travelling, language exchange and working abroad.

So, if you want to make new penfriends, improve your language skills with a tandem partner or hook up with a companion for your next backpacking adventure, join the Backpackers Network and try out the unique free profile matching system...

New members at the Backpackers Network...

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in Europe, turn to the European Low Cost Airlines Guide

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