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Last Update: August 14th 2005

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Bohemia is a land of forest and legend. Moravia, to the east, is a remnant of a Grand Duchy which stood as one of the earliest power strongholds of the Slavs in Europe.

With an impressive historical legacy, the Czech Republic is blessed by an unusually high number of well preserved castles, two major mediaeval cities, Prague and Brno, and numerous small towns with picturesque mediaeval squares, centuries-old stone bridges and early renaissance architecture.

After 1989, Prague quickly became the most visited capital of Central Europe. Since then, tall tales told over glasses of absinthe, Becherovka or Czech pilsner have merely contributed to the reputation of Prague and the Czech Republic as a destination par excellence for culture, clubbing, castles and Czech goulash.

Post-revolution popularity has condemned to history UK Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's September 1938 summary of the Czech nation as "a faraway country... people of whom we know nothing." There has never been any accounting for Shakespeare's description:

Bohemia. A desert country near the sea. A Winter's Tale, Act 3, Scene III,
William Shakespeare, 1610-11

On Bohemia

© Brian Reagan, Prague, January 2003

A vibrant crossroads at the centre of Europe, the Czech Republic reveals at once many historical and cultural fascinations. In one respect having a wealth of preserved tales in its grand architectural landscape, the Czech Republic is also a land in monumental transition for modern times.

Originally peopled by the Celts, the Czech lands became a Slav nation before the end of the first millenium. The fortifications of the original rulers still stand in Vysehrad, a highland vista ominously over-looking the Vltava river, which winds on through the centre of Prague. The Czech lands were turbulent throughout... [ read more... ? ]

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Daytrips from Prague

© Ondrej Opletal, Prague, April 2003

It would take a lifetime to see all the sights of Prague, though for most travellers three days should be enough to visit the most important places. You should not miss the State Opera, the National Museum and Wenceslas Square with its statue of St. Wenceslas... [ read more... ? ]

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What is Czech food like?

© Ondrej Opletal, Prague, April 2003

Most travellers arriving in Prague aren't really sure what to expect from Czech cuisine. On the other hand, just about everybody knows what to order to drink. Prague, actually the whole Czech Republic, is very famous for its beer. [ read more... ? ]

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The Prague Flood

© Martin Stich, Prague, May 2003

In August 2002 the Vltava burst its banks causing destruction throughout Bohemia. The Czech capital was hit by flooding so severe the floods are now seen as the greatest recent disaster of Prague. But the flood in the summer of 2002 was not the first to hit the Czech Republic. [ read more... ? ]

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To browse through more travel articles about Prague and the Czech Republic, please turn to the Czech Republic Travel Articles page.

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