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Last Update: June 7th, 2008

Which airlines have cheap flights to Gibraltar?

We've put together a list of all the low fare airlines currently flying to and from Gibraltar.
Click on the logo of each low cost or low fare airline to go straight to the airline's website - airlines in italics offer a large number of routes.
Alternatively, click on the summary beneath each airline logo for our low cost carrier quick reference detailing routes and cheapest fares.

We've divided the airlines into five categories - from full service carriers with discount fares to the very cheapest no-frills carriers...

  1. Value Flights
  2. Inexpensive Flights
  3. Low Fare Flights
  4. Cheap Flights
  5. Cheapest Flights
Cheap flight guides to destinations near Gibraltar
Low cost airlines serve these airports in Gibraltar

British Airways

High-End Low Fares : Expect some Frills

British Airways operates a single low fare route connecting Gibraltar to London Gatwick. As you can see from the fare table below, there is an extraordinary discrepancy between flying south on British Airways from London to Gibraltar and flying north on the same airline from Gibraltar to London.

If you're starting your journey in the UK, you'll clearly stand to save money by flying to the Rock with one of the other carriers listed on this page - either easyJet or Monarch.

The cheapest available BA fares to and from Gibraltar...

Selected RouteOne-way inc. taxesWho competes...?

easyJet also flies from London Gatwick.

Monarch flies from London Luton.


easyJet also flies to London LGW.

Monarch flies to Luton airport, north of London.

How can I get these cheap flights on British Airways?

Book a British Airways flight

British Airways Route Map : destinations from Gibraltar

Map showing the UK cities and airports from which British Airways serves Gibraltar
BA offers cheap flights to Gibraltar from London in the UK

Index of British Airways routes to and from Gibraltar

United Kingdom : Direct Low Fare Flights

Straightforward flights to Gibraltar from London Gatwick.

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Low-End Low Fares : Expect no Frills

Like British Airways above, the big orange budget airline easyJet only flies a single low cost route to and from the Rock. Oddly enough though, it connects exactly the same two airports.

Flying south from London to Gibraltar, lowest fares start at £29 including taxes and hold luggage. In the other direction the cheapest seats start at £26 including taxes and hold luggage.

As ever, if you're able to travel without check-in baggage, you'll shave a couple of pounds off the total fare.

easyJet offers cheap flights to Gibraltar from London in the UK

Index of easyJet routes to and from Gibraltar

Southeast England : Direct Low Fare Flights

More low cost flights to Gibraltar from London Gatwick.

More easyJet Resources


Mid-Range Low Fares : Expect some Frills

Monarch was the first dedicated low cost airline to serve Gibraltar. Currently the Mediterranean-bound purple and white airline connects both London Luton and to Manchester to Britain's Mediterranean outpost for one-way fares starting at £45-55 including taxes and check-in baggage.

If you pick your dates carefully, you can find fares cheaper than this on easyJet. If you're flying north from the Pillars of Hercules to the British mainland, it might be worth checking the UK flag-carrier British Airways for cheaper flights as well.

Monarch offers cheap flights to Gibraltar from London and Manchester

Index of Monarch routes to and from Gibraltar

Northwest England : Direct Low Fare Flights

Low fare flights to Gibraltar from Manchester.

Southeast England : Direct Low Fare Flights

Offers a budget route to Gibraltar from London Luton.

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