Lesbos Low Cost No Frills Airlines

The Lesbos low cost airlines guide is
a resource for independent travellers looking for
low cost, no-frills or cheap flights to Lesbos...

This resource last updated: April 13th, 2008

Which airlines have cheap flights to Lesbos?

We've put together a list of all the low fare airlines currently flying to and from Lesbos.
Click on the logo of each low cost or low fare airline to go straight to the airline's website - airlines in italics offer a large number of routes.
Alternatively, click on the summary beneath each airline logo for our low cost carrier quick reference detailing routes and cheapest fares.

We've divided the airlines into five categories - from full service carriers with discount fares to the very cheapest no-frills carriers...

  1. Value Flights
  2. Inexpensive Flights
  3. Low Fare Flights
  4. Cheap Flights
  5. Cheapest Flights
Cheap flight guides to the Eastern Mediterranean
Low cost airlines serve these airports on Lesbos

Air Berlin

Mid-Range Low Fares : Expect some Frills

Air Berlin offers cheap flights to Lesbos from Germany

Index of Air Berlin routes to and from Mytilene

Germany : Direct Low Fare Flights

Flies to Lesbos from Düsseldorf & Munich.

More Air Berlin Resources

Sky Express

Mid-Range Low Fares : Expect many Frills

Sky Express offers cheap flights connecting the Greek Islands

Index of Sky Express routes to and from Mytilene

Crete : Direct Low Fare Flights

Operates a route from Heraklion to the isle of Lesbos.

More Sky Express Resources

Thomson Fly

High-End Low Fares : Expect some Frills

Thomson Fly offers cheap flights to Lesbos from the UK

Index of Thomson Fly routes to and from Mytilene

United Kingdom : Direct Low Fare Flights

More Thomson Fly Resources


High-End Low Fares : Expect few Frills

transavia offers cheap flights to Lesbos from the Netherlands

Index of transavia routes to and from Mytilene

Netherlands : Direct Low Fare Flights

More transavia Resources

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Which other countries & islands in Europe and
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