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Last Update: July 25th 2005

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Not sure where to start? If you have a specific destination or departure country in mind and you need a quick answer on which budget airlines operate low cost flights between Moldova and that country, you can try out our easy-to-use FlightFinder tool.

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Airports in Moldova
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Which low cost airlines serve Moldova?

The following airlines provide low fare flights to and from Moldova.
Click on the name of each airline for full details on where that carrier flies.

Club Air

Italian Low Fare Airline

At present the Italian private airline Club Air is the only low fare airline serving Moldova. No dedicated low cost airlines fly to what is generally agreed to be the least visited country in Europe and no-one is anticipating their arrival at any time in the near future.

Club Air flies to the Moldovan capital Kishinev (Chisinau) from both Milan Malpensa and Verona Villafranca airports in Northern Italy.

Unfortunately, the booking engine on Club Air's website is frustratingly difficult to use and the one-way fares are so high, they barely qualify as any kind of low fare at all.   [ Route Map ]

Cheap flights to and from Moldova on Club Air

Club Air's cheapest one-way fares including taxes
Milan Malpensa > Kishinev€281
Verona Villafranca > Kishinev€281
Kishinev > Milan Malpensa€280
Kishinev > Verona Villafranca€280

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  • Map showing Club Air routes from Moldova
  • More information about Club Air
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From which Moldovan airports do low cost airlines operate?

Map of Moldova
Low fare airlines serving Moldova
fly to Chisinau / Kishinev airport

European Low Cost Airlines fly to and from the Moldovan airports marked on the map. Click below on the airport you wish to fly out from to see the destinations available. Alternatively, click on each Moldovan airport below to see the inbound connections.

Which European cities link to airports in Moldova?

Map of Europe
You can find flights from Moldova to Verona and Milan in Italy

European Low Cost Airlines connect airports in Moldova to airports in the countries highlighted on the map to the right. Click on any of the cities in the list below to bring up a map showing which low cost airlines fly between that city and cities in Moldova.

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Vineyards in Moldova
Vineyards in Moldova
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