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Last Update: December 25th, 2006

Which airlines have cheap flights to Palau?

The following airlines provide low fare flights to and from Palau.
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Airports in or near to Palau
  • Palau International Airport [ROR]

Asian Spirit

Philippine Low Fare Airline

Asian Spirit is the only Southeast Asian low fare airline serving the Republic of Palau. It flies to Babelthuap Koror Airport (Palau International) from both Davao and Manila in the Philippines.

At US$280, however, Asian Spirit's one-way flights between the Philippines and Palau are much more expensive than the airline's domestic fares. Given the current prices, we wouldn't count these as low fare flights at all.

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The routes Asian Spirit operates to and from Palau

Asian Spirit - Cheap flights from the Philippines to Palau

Philippines : Direct Flights

Flies to Palau from Manila and Davao in the Philippines.

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