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Last Update: February 22nd, 2007

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Which airlines have cheap flights to Slovakia?

The following airlines provide low fare flights to and from Slovakia. The highlighted airlines have bases in Slovakia and operate the largest number of budget routes from Slovakia to other countries. Click on each airline for full details on where that carrier flies.

Low cost flights to countries around Slovakia
Airports in Slovakia

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European Low Cost Airline

Europe's largest no-frills airline, Ryanair, connects the Slovakian capital to four western European countries for cheaper one-way fares, including taxes, than Sky Europe manages.

By booking sufficiently in advance, you can find one-way fares from London Stansted for as low as £18 including taxes and from Frankfurt Hahn for as low as €17 including taxes.

Given the proximity of the Slovak capital to the Austrian border, this is also a cheap way to travel to Vienna from Ireland, northern Italy, western Germany or the UK.

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The routes Ryanair operates to and from Bratislava in Slovakia

Ryanair - Cheap flights across Europe from Slovakia

Germany : One Way Flights

No-frills flights from Frankfurt Hahn to Bratislava.

Ireland : One Way Flights

Cheap flights connecting Dublin to Bratislava.

Italy : One Way Flights

One low fare connection from Milan Bergamo to Bratislava.

United Kingdom : One Way Flights

Links London Stansted & Nottingham EMA to Bratislava.

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Sky Europe

Central European Low Cost Airline

Sky Europe is a substantial Central European budget carrier which not only flies from Bratislava to numerous cities across central and western Europe, but also operates SkyLink - a connecting service to and from Kosiče in the east of Slovakia for all inbound and outbound international flights.

The airline also operates a direct route connecting London Stansted to Poprad Tatry, near to the Tatra Mountains which run along the border between Slovakia and Poland.

As ever, a cheap flight on Sky Europe to Bratislava also serves as a money-saving way to get to the Austrian capital, Vienna. Shuttle buses operate regularly from Bratislava's MR Stefanik airport, across the Austrian border to Vienna city centre.

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The routes Sky Europe operates to and from cities across Slovakia

Sky Europe - Cheap flights across Europe from Slovakia

Bulgaria : One Way Flights

Flies low cost from Bratislava to Sofia, Varna and Burgas.

Croatia : One Way Flights

Sky Europe operates no-frills flights from Bratislava to Zadar, Split & Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast.

Denmark : One Way Flights

Direct flights from Bratislava to Copenhagen Kastrup.

France : One Way Flights

Cheap flights from Bratislava to both Paris Orly and Nice.

Germany : One Way Flights

Budget links from Bratislava to Stuttgart & Cologne Bonn.

Greece : One Way Flights

Operates low fare connections from Bratislava to Athens.

Ireland : One Way Flights

Direct low cost flights to Bratislava from Dublin.

Italy : One Way Flights

Flies between Bratislava and Rome Fiumicino & Naples.

Netherlands : One Way Flights

Connects Bratislava to the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

Romania : One Way Flights

Low cost flights from Bratislava to Bucharest.

Slovakia : One Way Flights

The SkyLink shuttles between Bratislava and Kosiče in eastern Slovakia - this means all Sky Europe flights to Bratislava have onward connections to Kosiče.

Spain : One Way Flights

One low fare route connecting Bratislava to Barcelona.

United Kingdom : One Way Flights

Links Bratislava to both London Stansted & Manchester and flies low cost from London Stansted to Poprad Tatry.

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