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Last Update: April 23rd, 2009

Which airlines have cheap flights to Taiwan?

We've put together a list of all the low fare airlines currently flying to and from Taiwan.
Click on the logo of each low cost or low fare airline to go straight to the airline's website - airlines in italics offer a large number of routes.
Alternatively, click on the summary beneath each airline logo for our low cost carrier quick reference detailing routes and cheapest fares.

We've divided the airlines into five categories - from full service carriers with discount fares to the very cheapest no-frills carriers...

  1. Value Flights
  2. Inexpensive Flights
  3. Low Fare Flights
  4. Cheap Flights
  5. Cheapest Flights
Cheap flight guides to destinations around Taiwan
Airports in Taiwan

Air Asia X

Mid-Range Low Fares : Expect Few Frills

Air Asia X offers cheap flights from Malaysia to Taiwan

Index of Air Asia X routes to and from Taiwan

Malaysia : Direct Low Fare Flights

Cheap flights to Sharjah from both Karachi & Peshawar.

More Air Asia X Resources

Cebu Pacific Air

Low-End Low Fares : Expect Few Frills

While we've classified Cebu Pacific connections to and from Taiwan as Cheap Flights, this only really applies to the single direct Taipei - Manila route for which you can find tax-inclusive fares from US$49...

...all the other routes involve flying from Taipei to Manila first and then flying onward to the destination - and so end up costing three to four times more.

This being the case, if you are looking for the cheapest budget flights between Taiwan and Singapore, be sure to check out the entry on Jetstar Asia first.

Similarly, if you want to fly low cost between Taipei and Malaysia, you're best off starting with Air Asia X.

Cebu Pacific offers cheap flights from Taiwan to the Philippines & Asia

Index of Cebu Pacific Air routes to and from Taiwan

China : Combined Low Fare Flights

Links Taipei, via Manila, to Shanghai on China's mainland.

Indonesia : Combined Low Fare Flights

Connects Taipei, via Manila, to Indonesia's capital, Jakarta.

Malaysia : Combined Low Fare Flights

Low fare flights from Taipei, via Manila, to Kuala Lumpur.

Philippines : Direct Low Fare Flights

Offers budget flights to Taipei Chiang Kai Shek from Manila.

Philippines : Combined Low Fare Flights

Flies from Taipei, via Manila, to Cebu, Davao & Iloilo.

Singapore : Combined Low Fare Flights

No-frills flights from Taipei, via Manila, to Singapore.

Thailand : Combined Low Fare Flights

Low cost connections from Taipei, via Manila, to Bangkok.

More Cebu Pacific Air Resources

Jetstar Asia

High-End Low Fares : Expect Some Frills

One of Jetstar Asia's pioneering moves was to establish itself as the first Southeast Asian budget airline to operate low fare flights from Singapore directly to the Taiwanese capital, Taipei.

Since then, first Cebu Pacific Air and now Air Asia X have also set their sights on operating low cost flights to and from Taiwan, enabling the island state to really start opening up as a destination for budget travellers planning a tour of Southeast Asia or East Asia.

Jetstar Asia offers cheap flights from Singapore to Taiwan

Index of Jetstar Asia routes to and from Taiwan

Singapore : Direct Low Fare Flights

Direct budget flights from Taipei to Singapore.

More Jetstar Asia Resources

Which other countries in Southeast Asia,
South Asia and East Asia can you fly to low cost?

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