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This page last updated: June 26th, 2007
Friday, 22nd June, 2007
Low Cost Travel around the World...

The no-frills revolution!

The rise of no-frills, low cost travel has radically reduced the costs for budget travellers journeying from one place to the next.

Our extensive series of guides help you make the most of your travel budget. We provide info on all available low fare transport alternatives, so you can save lots of money as you plan your next trip.

BusOff, based out of Paris, is Europe's newest low fare overland network
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Friday, 22nd June, 2007
Low Cost Trains across Europe

Low Fare Trains & Railpasses

It's a bit of a secret but there are now over ten low fare train services operating intercity routes across more than five European countries.

Not to mention numerous railpasses which let you travel on normal trains just as cheaply. For rail maps, timetables, a complete list of railpasses and full details on low fare routes, check out this section.

iDTGV launched in France in 2004: the first low cost train in the world
Tuesday, 26th June, 2007
Low Cost Buses around the World

Intercity travel on a shoestring

In 2004, low fare intercity buses were introduced to the UK by NX Funfare & megabus. Now, there are low cost buses in Germany, Italy, France, the USA and New Zealand.

For news and updates on all the low cost bus services across the world, check out the resources in the section.

megabus, owned by Stagecoach, operates the most extensive no-frills intercity bus network in the world
Tuesday, 26th June, 2007
Low Cost Airlines around the World

Low Cost Cheap Flights Worldwide

A decade after it kicked off the global no-frills airline phenomenon is still revolutionising air travel around the world.

attitude Travel has a comprehensive series of low cost airline guides for Europe, Asia, Australasia & the Middle East with the latest news, updates and details of all the budget airline flights in these regions.

Low cost airlines are now so popular that traditional charter airlines, such as Excel Airways, have reinvented themselves
Tuesday, 26th June, 2007
Low Cost Ferries in Europe

Budget Travel on the High Seas

Still a relatively unexplored idea, low cost ferries are gradually beginning to take off across the Mediterranean, the English channel, & the Aegean.

Pioneers include easyCruise which offers low cost floating accommodation between the Greek Islands and SpeedFerries, the cheapest transport across the Channel.

easyCruise operates a low cost ferry and floating hotel between the Greek Islands in the Aegean
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