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Which intercity routes in the UK
does megabus serve?

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Low cost intercity bus companies in the UK:

megabus routes around the UK

Map showing the megabus low cost bus routes in the UK - click to bring up a detached copy of the map
A map showing the megabus
low cost bus routes in the UK.

megabus UK Low Cost Bus Service

The UK's first dedicated low fare intercity bus service, megabus made low cost airlines look expensive first by providing London-Manchester tickets for £1, then by producing London-Glasgow tickets for £1 and now, somewhat comedically, by inventing the first London-Inverness £1 fare. megabus is the only low cost bus company at present operating networks in both Scotland and England.

How much does it cost
to travel on megabus?

Tickets can only be booked over the web, but may be booked as late as only an hour or so before departure.

The cheapest seats are available for just £1, but, in contrast to the other budget bus services, each booking requires payment of a 50p booking fee. This means that if you are booking multiple seats, it is better to book them at the same time.

It also means that the cheapest fare on megabus is just marginally more expensive than the cheapest fares on easyBus and NX FunFare.

Fares increase steadily as the seats fill up, though the most expensive one-way fare still only comes to about £14.

Somewhat oddly, megabus states: "Please note that due to the high sales volumes on our site prices may fluctuate between searches" - perhaps it's worth searching several times to make sure you have the right price?

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