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Last Update: September 22nd, 2008

Which airlines have cheap flights to Ukraine?

We've put together a list of all the low fare airlines currently flying to and from Ukraine.
Click on the logo of each low cost or low fare airline to go straight to the airline's website - airlines in italics offer a large number of routes.
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We've divided the airlines into five categories - from full service carriers with discount fares to the very cheapest no-frills carriers...

  1. Value Flights
  2. Inexpensive Flights
  3. Low Fare Flights
  4. Cheap Flights
  5. Cheapest Flights
Low cost flights to countries around Ukraine
Airports in Ukraine

Air Arabia

Top-End Low Fares : Expect no Frills

Air Arabia's scheduled low fare flights between Sharjah and the Ukrainian capital commence this autumn on October 15th, 2008.

Be forewarned that at EUR 192 one-way including taxes, Air Arabia's flights from the Persian Gulf to the city of the Kyivan Rus' Princes are not as low as you might be forgiven for expecting.

Air Arabia offers cheap flights to Kyiv from the United Arab Emirates

Index of Air Arabia routes to and from Ukraine

UAE : Direct Low Fare Flights

Direct low cost flights to Kyiv from the city of Sharjah.

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Air Baltic

Mid-Range Low Fares : Expect few Frills

The Baltic States low fare carrier Air Baltic operates a more comprehensive network of direct and combined flights to Ukraine than any other international European budget airline. To date it has consistently offered the cheapest way to fly from most parts of Europe to this beautiful, remote country on the Black Sea.

Air Baltic is something of a hybrid low cost airline, so its flights to Ukraine fall into two categories: a) the direct budget flights from the Latvian and Lithuanian capitals to three cities in Ukraine; and b) the combined low fare flights which originate elsewhere in Europe, fly you to Riga, and then allow you to transfer on to a new plane which will fly you on to Ukraine.

The cheapest direct tax-inclusive one-way fares from Riga to Kiev or Odessa start at 52 Lati or €74; while the best one-way fares from the Latvian capital to Simferopol in the Crimea come to 62 Lati or €89 including taxes.

The cheapest fares to the same Ukrainian cities from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, fall into the same price bracket - around 160-344 Litas or €47-100 one-way, including taxes.

Air Baltic offers cheap flights to Ukraine from cities across Europe

Index of Air Baltic routes to and from Ukraine

Latvia : Direct Low Fare Flights

Low fares to Odessa, Kiev Borispol & Simferopol from Riga.

Lithuania : Direct Low Fare Flights

Also flies low cost to Odessa & Simferopol from Vilnius.

Western Europe : Combined Low Fare Flights

The cheapest way to fly to Ukraine from most cities in Western Europe is still to fly via Riga on Air Baltic. Latvia's budget airline offers combined flights to Ukraine from Dublin in Ireland; London Gatwick in the UK; Paris CDG & Nice in France; Brussels in Belgium; Berlin Tegel, Hamburg, Munich & Dusseldorf in Germany; Milan Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino & Venice in Italy; Zurich in Switzerland; and Vienna in Austria.

Nordic Countries : Combined Low Fare Flights

Air Baltic flies tens of budget routes from Scandinavia, via Riga, to Ukraine, linking Kyiv Boryspil, Odessa & Simferopol in the Crimea to Oslo Gardermoen, Stavanger, Bergen & Aalesund in Norway; to Copenhagen & Billund in Denmark; to Stockholm & Gothenburg in Sweden; and to Helsinki, Tampere, Kuopio & Oulu in Finland.

The Baltic : Combined Low Fare Flights

Air Baltic offers discount flights to Kiev Borispol, Odessa & Simferopol, via Riga or Vilnius, from Tallinn in Estonia; and from Liepaja & Ventspils in Latvia.

CIS States : Combined Low Fare Flights

Air Baltic flies from Ukraine, via Riga, to Moscow SVO, St. Petersburg & Sochi in Russia; and to Minsk in Belarus.

Transcaucasia : Combined Low Fare Flights

Offers low fare flights from Ukraine, via Riga, to Tbilisi in Georgia, to Yerevan in Armenia and to Baku in Azerbaijan.

Eastern Med : Combined Low Fare Flights

Combined low cost flights to Ukrainian cities from Athens in Greece; Istanbul in Turkey; and Tel Aviv in Israel.

Central Asia : Combined Low Fare Flights

Operates indirect flights from Ukraine, via Riga, to Almaty in Kazakhstan and to Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

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British Airways

Top-End Low Fares : Expect some Frills

British Airways presently offers just a single route from London Heathrow to Kiev Borispol. You're unlikely to find a cheaper direct one-way fare between the UK and Ukrainian capitals - but if you're intending to fly round-trip, you might save some money by checking the latest offers available on the Quick Flights Search at the top of the page.

The cheapest available British Airways fare to Kiev...

Selected RouteOne-way inc. taxesWho competes...?
London LHR
Kyiv KBP

Air Baltic offers low cost flights from London Gatwick, via Riga, to Kiev Borispol.

How can I get these cheap flights on British Airways?

Book a British Airways flight

British Airways Route Map : destinations from Kyiv

Map showing the UK cities and airports from which British Airways serves Kyiv Boryspil
BA offers cheap flights to Kyiv from London in the UK

Index of British Airways routes to and from Ukraine

United Kingdom : Direct Low Fare Flights

Low fare one-way flights to Kyiv Boryspil from London LHR.

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Estonian Air

Top-End Low Fares : Expect few Frills

Estonian Air flies not only to the Ukrainian capital but also to the Crimea. You can find cheapest tax-inclusive one-way fares of 1630 kroons - equivalent to €105 - from Tallinn to Kiev and 2030 kroons - equivalent to €130 - from Tallinn to Simferopol.

For a cheaper alternative, see Air Baltic above.

Estonian Air offers cheap flights to Kyiv & the Crimea from Estonia

Index of Estonian Air routes to and from Ukraine

Estonia : Direct Low Fare Flights

Low fare airlinks to both Kiev and Simferopol from Tallinn.

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Top-End Low Fares : Expect few Frills

Like the other two Baltic low cost carriers above, Fly LAL operates budget flights to Kyiv Boryspil. Cheapest low fare flights from Vilnius start at 397 Litas - equivalent to just under €115 including taxes.

Once again for cheaper flights between the Baltic States and Ukraine, check out the entry on Air Baltic.

Fly LAL offers cheap flights to Kyiv from Lithuania

Index of Fly LAL routes to and from Ukraine

Lithuania : Direct Low Fare Flights

Direct flights to Kyiv Boryspil from the city of Vilnius.

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Low-End Low Fares : Expect no Frills

The German low cost giant germanwings plans to offer no-frills services from Germany to Kyiv starting in Summer / Autumn 2008. We expect the new international low cost routes will connect both Berlin in northeastern Germany and Cologne Bonn in the German Rhineland to the Ukrainian capital.

Keep watching this space for confirmation.

germanwings offers cheap flights to Kyiv from Germany

Index of germanwings routes to and from Ukraine

Germany : Direct Low Fare Flights

In 2008, expect no-frills flights to Kyiv from Cologne Bonn.

More germanwings Resources

On Air

Top-End Low Fares : Expect few Frills

The Italian budget airline, On Air, now offers three low fare routes. Two of the routes link the city of Bologna and the town of Pescara on Italy's Adriatic coast to L'viv in Western Ukraine and the third connects Pescara to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Cheapest fares on all three routes start at €100-125.

On Air offers cheap flights to Kyiv and L'viv from Italy

Index of On Air routes to and from Ukraine

Western Ukraine : Direct Low Fare Flights

Budget flights to L'viv in Galicia from Pescara & Bologna.

Central Ukraine : Direct Low Fare Flights

Operates low cost flights to the capital, Kyiv, from Pescara.

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Wizz Air

Pioneer Low Fares : Expect no Frills

At the start of Summer 2008, Wizz Air made history by becoming the first European budget airline to confirm plans to introduce no-frills domestic routes in Ukraine.

Some time in Autumn 2008, the Central European low cost giant also intends to commence operating low cost international flights to Kyiv - which should finally give Air Baltic some much-needed competition.

Wizz Air offers cheap flights from Kyiv and L'viv to cities across Ukraine

Index of Wizz Air routes to cities across Ukraine

Central Ukraine : Direct Low Fare Flights

Flies from L'viv, Odessa and Simferopol to Kyiv Boryspil.

Western Ukraine : Direct Low Fare Flights

No-frills flights from Kyiv and Simferopol to L'viv in Galicia.

Southern Ukraine : Direct Low Fare Flights

Offers budget shuttle flights from Kyiv Boryspil to Odessa.

Crimea : Direct Low Fare Flights

Cheap, low cost flights from L'viv and Kyiv to Simferopol.

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