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Last Update: July 19th, 2007

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Which airlines have
cheap flights to Wales?

The following airlines provide low fare flights to and from Wales. The highlighted airlines operate a large number of budget routes from Wales to other European countries. Click on the name of each airline for full details on where that carrier flies.

Airports in Wales
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Aer Arann

Irish Low Cost Airline

The Irish budget airline Aer Arann offers a single route from the Welsh capital to the town of Lorient on France's Atlantic coast. It's not an immediately obvious French destination, but - given that Thomson Fly doesn't fly from Cardiff to anywhere in France right now and that bmi baby's route from Cardiff to Paris will disappear when Air Wales stops operating scheduled passenger flights - it's the only one on offer.

Example cheap one-way fares including taxes on Aer Arann

Aer Arann - Cheap flights from Wales to France

Lorient > Cardiff€50
Cardiff > Lorient£36

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Air Southwest

UK Low Cost Airline

Southwest England's reliably cheap carrier Air Southwest not only flies from Cardiff to Newquay on the north Cornish coast but also to Manchester, the regional hub of northwest England.

Example cheap one-way fares including taxes on Air Southwest

Air Southwest - Cheap flights from Wales to England

Manchester > Cardiff£19
Newquay > Cardiff£19
Cardiff > Manchester£19
Cardiff > Newquay£19

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bmi baby

UK Low Cost Airline

UK no-frills airline bmi baby is the only low cost carrier to operate a substantial number of scheduled flights out of Cardiff, though Thomson Fly, below, flies to numerous destinations on a charter basis in addition to operating its own budget routes.

bmi baby's supremacy at Cardiff means that it is the only budget airline connecting the Welsh capital to Prague in the Czech Republic, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Jersey in the Channel Islands.

However, if you are thinking of flying from south Wales to Palma de Mallorca or to Alicante or Malaga in Spain, bear in mind that, depending on when you want to fly, Thomson Fly may have more competitive fares than those being offered by bmi baby.

Example cheap one-way fares including taxes on bmi baby

bmi baby - Cheap flights across Europe from Wales

Balearic Islands
Cardiff <> Palma de MallorcaEUR--£--
Cardiff <> IbizaEUR--£--
Channel Islands
Cardiff <> Jersey£40
Cardiff <> Palma de Mallorca€52£80
Cardiff <> Amsterdam€34£20
Northern Ireland
Cardiff <> Belfast International£15
Cardiff <> Faro€90£50
Cardiff <> Edinburgh£17
Cardiff <> Glasgow£15
Cardiff <> Alicante€67£60
Cardiff <> Malaga€82£70
Cardiff <> MurciaEUR--£--
Cardiff <> Geneva-- CHF£--

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Excel Airways

UK Charter Airline

Excel Airways is a charter airline rather than a scheduled low cost operator, so its cheapest fares can usually only be found if you are booking return rather than one-way flights.

That said, a quick glance at the table of example fares on the right will show that even the lowest regular return fares don't compare favourably to buying two one-way flights from no-frills airlines like bmi baby or Thomson Fly.

Nevertheless, Excel Airways flies to Turkey, Corfu, Cyprus, Egypt and the Canary Islands, which the others don't. So, in this case, probably the best strategy is to keep checking the Excel Airways site regularly for promotions and then to take advantage of promotional fares when they are published.

Example cheap return fares including taxes on Excel Airways

Excel Airways - Cheap return flights to the Mediterranean

Canary Islands
Cardiff > Fuerteventura > Cardiff£165
Cardiff > Las Palmas, Gran Canaria > Cardiff£140
Cardiff > Tenerife South > Cardiff£148
Cardiff > Paphos > Cardiff£148
Cardiff > Sharm el Sheikh > Cardiff£209
Cardiff > Corfu > Cardiff£165
Cardiff > Palma de Mallorca > Cardiff£123
Cardiff > Arrecife > Cardiff£156
Cardiff > Malaga > Cardiff£131
Cardiff > Dalaman > Cardiff£190

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Thomson Fly

UK Low Cost Airline

Thomson Fly operates some of the cheapest low fare routes out of Cardiff to its scheduled destinations in the Balearic Islands and on the Iberian mainland.

Note that, depending on the season - and whether you can get the website to work - this budget airline also offers numerous charter destinations from Cardiff including Tunisia in North Africa, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean and Rhodes and Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Example cheap one-way fares including taxes on Thomson Fly

Thomson Fly - Cheap Mediterranean flights from Wales

Cardiff <> Ibiza€47£48
Cardiff <> Palma de Mallorca€47£54
Cardiff <> Alicante€47£54
Cardiff <> Malaga€47£50

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